First Impression Publication

Do you really know the person you just met? Are they a good person, a bad one? This handmade original publication “First Impression” is a book based on the nuances of our initial interactions with one another. Whether it be the most vile or the most admirable, on most occasions our first meetings aren’t enough to probe the truth. This book shows that despite how we talk, how we look, or even how we carry ourselves; you really just can’t judge a book by the cover or the first page.

The Motive



The transparent book sleeve is the first step to finding out more about this book. Context includes various statistics, data that can hopefully enlighten readers to the truth. Actual first hand experiences with names striking in our history show how easy it is to gloss over the next encounter. Custom vectors to showcase that the goodness in people can be tossed aside by appearance, this book hopes to change outlooks for the better.