Make a difference, one sticker at a time.

Throughout history, storytelling and myth has been used as an mode to spread moral good and good doings. I want to do the same. Filtered through my own experience and measures, I aim to translate, express, and define what it means to do good in this world. Under the name of  “This Warrior’s Guide To Do Gooding,” I am producing a series of visual narratives that teach and inspire people to do good by themselves as well as to others. The spectrum of good I hope to influence includes general politeness, like holding doors open to deeper moral issues like the underlying racial undertone that affects our populace. To work this channel of communication, I will use narrative, illustration, and sound research in order to not misuse new and already established cultures.

The Motive



I think storytelling is a medium that uses entertainment beautifully, but also it engages people on a honest and empathic level. This is an attempt at creating work essential to my virtues, a means for me as well as others to contemplate the impact we have on each other and hopefully, produce good. This good bettering each others’ lives in a sincere, compassionate, and progressive manner.